hour credit

Attending The Wellness Code 2024 earns eligible Quantum University students 1000 Hours of Practicum Credits.

The process

Step One


Attend The Wellness Code and Participate in all Workshops to earn 1,000 hours of practicum credit. These workshops are carefully curated to provide invaluable insights and practical experiences to enrich your learning journey. Upon arrival, you will receive a useful workshop study guide designed to maximize your learning experience.

Step Two

Practicum Exam

Following the event, you will receive access to the Event Course “The Wellness Code—2024” on your course site. Here, you can take the exam to earn your Certificate of Completion. This exam serves as a measure of your understanding and engagement with the workshop content.

Step Three

Certificate of Completion

Download your Certificate of Completion after succesfully completing your exam. The certificate is your badge of dedication and achievement in mastering the workshop content.

Step Four

Receiving Practicum Credit

When you are ready to submit your exam for grading to earn 1,000 hours of practicum credit through IB-702, be sure to include The Wellness Code—2024 Practicum Certificate of Completion as evidence in your final submission.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact [email protected]