We are thrilled to introduce our inaugural awards celebrating the exceptional achievements of our students and graduates who exemplify excellence in holistic health. These awards honor the dedication, innovation, and community spirit that our students and graduates bring to the field. Awards will be presented at the Graduation Celebration following the formal ceremony.

All Quantum University Students and Graduates will be considered for these awards.

The Categories

Professional Achievement Awards

Exponential Healthcare Master
For achieving the highest number of Exponential Healthcare client sessions sold, showcasing exceptional business acumen and client engagement.
Innovation and Technology Award
For leveraging technology and innovation to effectively build their business or enhance client services.

Community Engagement Awards

Alumni Association Legacy Award
For being the longest-standing member of the alumni association, showing enduring loyalty and support to the school community.
Community Support Champion

For demonstrating exceptional involvement in community events (Q-AI sessions, meditation events, webinars, student facebook group) and outstanding support for fellow students, embodying the spirit of collaboration and mentorship essential in holistic health.

Academic Achievement Awards

Commitment to Completion Award
For completing the entire curriculum within the recommended duration, showcasing the discipline and commitment necessary to excel as a holistic health practitioner.

Outstanding Dissertation Award

For producing an exemplary dissertation that showcases original research and deep understanding of holistic health topics.

Holistic Health Valedictorian Award

The Holistic Health Valedictorian Award honors exceptional PhD research that has achieved significant academic recognition through publication in esteemed journals. This award celebrates the highest standards of scholarly contribution to the field of holistic health, underscoring the importance of impactful research that advances knowledge and practice in this multidisciplinary domain.

Awards will be presented to students and graduates who have demonstrated exceptional achievements in various categories, as outlined by the criteria above. The selection process, overseen by the President and heads of departments, involves a collaborative effort to review nominations and conduct comprehensive evaluations. Winners will be notified by September 2.


If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact [email protected]