Prepare to be captivated by our lineup of dynamic speakers, each ready to share their knowledge and insights to help you thrive as a holistic health practitioner.

Dr. Paul Drouin, M.D

Doctor of Natural Medicine and Professor of Integrative Medicine, Acupuncturist, Homeopath, founder of Quantum University with a 50-year career in medicine.

Journey through a wealth of knowledge guided by Dr. Paul Drouin, President of Quantum University, as he shares insights across six enlightening topics over two days:

Quantum AI, Connecting All The Dots
The Biofield and It's Impact on Human Potential
Noosphere Healing Chamber
Quantum Evaluation
Q-AI & Homeopathy
Digital Biofeedback

Dr. Patrick K. Porter

Award-winning author, speaker, the founder of BrainTap® and Instructor of Quantum University’s Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy Training.

Integrating NeuralChek into Holistic Health Practices

This session will illuminate the profound synergy between cutting-edge neurological insights and age-old holistic health principles. Emphasizing the inseparable connection between body and mind, Dr. Porter will explore how NeuralChek's innovative approach to analyzing neural data can enhance our understanding of wellness and pave the way for truly personalized health strategies.

Dr. Tara Deniz, I-MD, PH.D., Pharm D

Leading Integrative Medicine Professor & Director of Education at Quantum University, Pharmacist with 20+ Years in Healthcare.

Join Dr. Tara Deniz as she unravels three essential pillars for holistic health practitioners.

Quantum Hematology
Introduction to Auriculotherapy
Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV)

These three topics will teach holistic health practitioners how to enhance their capabilities with innovative technology and enrich their programs to guide clients towards optimal health and wellness.

Dr. George Farah, Ph.D.

Globally recognized wellness guru, esteemed nutrition consultant, accomplished fitness trainer, Quantum University Graduate and Star of the Amazon Prime Documentary “The Guru”.

Mastering The Mind, Against All Odds.

Step into the extraordinary journey of George Farah in this riveting presentation. Attendees will be captivated as Farah shares his remarkable life story, delving into the depths of human curiosity and the transformative power of holistic wellness. Gain exclusive insights into the profound connections between mind, body, and nutrition, and discover how Farah's experiences have shaped his unique perspective on life's challenges. From overcoming adversity, surviving a shooting and battling cancer, to mentoring athletes from his hospital bed, Farah's narrative embodies resilience, inspiration, and the limitless potential within each of us. Don't miss this opportunity to be moved, inspired, and empowered to thrive in your own journey of wellness and growth.

Kelina Henning, BCEHC

Quantum University’s Director of Alumni Services and Exponential Healthcare Specialist.

Diversifying Your Practice with Exponential Healthcare

Discover how to expand and diversify your practice, unlocking new revenue streams by integrating personalized wellness experiences into your existing offerings. Gain valuable insights into the vast opportunities available as we showcase the diverse resources offered by Exponential Healthcare, specifically curated for holistic health and wellness practitioners. Learn how these resources can be leveraged to develop bespoke programs and services tailored to address the unique wellness needs of your clients.